Kuudere-Chan is a character of Kaori Simulator. She was first Introduced on 5th February 2017.

Kuu as seen in the Rival Introduction Video


Kuu has long bangs which end at her back. She has similar hairstyle to Mei-Chan In Kaori Sim, (similar model of Mei Mio in the original game). Her hair-color as well as her eye color are Cyan. She always Blushes while socializing on the rooftop near the bench.


Kuu is a heroic Personality. If she witnesses murder she will chase and tackle the murderer. If someone is pointing a camera at her, she will give a suspicious look. If she witnesses a corpse, she will hide in her classroom.


Kuudere In "Bullying Kokona"


  • She was originally named "Merisaki Harumi"
  • Her Original Hairstyle was Saki's But It looked Just like Saki so it was removed.
  • She is going to be a rival in the future.



An art of Kuu made by Oliset

Kuu socialize

Kuu Socializing In-Game