Chisana Itomi is one of the rivals. She is a heroic personality.

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Chisana has shoulder-length pink-magenta hair. Her eyes are black. She acts like a total teacher.


Chisana is a heroic personality. She will apprehend the player if she witnesses her committing murder. She will give a suspicious look on the camera.


Chisana has a crush on Senpai, so she is a rival. She is the third "strongest" rival of Kaori Simulator.


Kuudere-chan - Chisana Takes an interest in learning Kuu's backstory, although fails to win Kuu as her friend.

Kaori - If The Player can take her reputation high enough to befriend Chisana, she will become friends with her. Remember, Befriending IS a method of elimination.

Chisana Itomi

Chisana As Seen In The Rival Introduction Video.


Chisana In "Bullying Kokona"