Ari is another character of Kaori Simulator. She was made in honor of one of the volunteers, ArcticAnime.


Ari Rikasoi has short Purple hair that reach her neck. Her hairstyle is Similar to Kokuma Jutsu from the original game. She has Midori's green stockings. Her eyes are magenta-purple color.


Ari is a heroic Personality. If she witnesses murder, she will compliment the player and run away. If a camera is pointed at her, she will hide her face, making people assume that she is "annoyed" when a camera is pointed at her.


She spends most of her time On the roof stalking the Dev Cousins to figure out if they started implementing the rivals. Her true desire is unknown.


YandereDev - She takes and Interest in him and has personal feelings for him, although she never let anyone know about it.

Midori Gurin - She claims to find Midori quite "annoying" but likes her energetic and social personality.

Minami Rikasoi - Her Sister, Although, never shown. May be shown in the future.


  • She was made in honor of one of the volunteers
  • Her name was supposed to be Hanako Kajimi, but after Hanako Yamada, Senpai's little sister came, she was changed to "Ari Rikasoi."
  • Her sister was also originally named Reina Kajimi.



An Art Of Ari Made by Oliset

Ari design

Ari's design


Ari Stalking The Dev Cousins